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With more than 300 employees and an expanded product portfolio in profitable and developing sectors, DIONIC makes available 6.000.000 items annually, and 10.000 products to 2.500 customers, through 25 distribution channels collaborating with 150 suppliers from throughout the globe.


It constitutes a powerful group with a European profile, which has activities in the fields of Trading and Distribution, Software, Energy, Real Estate and Consulting Services. Long-term specialization, creativity, excellent organization and evident know-how, as well as its expansion strategy in Greek and foreign markets, have established DIONIC as one of the most innovative, reliable and acknowledged groups on the market.


DIONIC has been established as a one-stop shop for the Greek entire sale sector, providing a variety of different, but also complementary -in many cases- products and services. At the same time, it maintains long-term collaborations with major houses abroad, and represents leading brands in the international market, addressing themselves as much to the wide public as to niche markets. Additionally, focusing on the development on new markets as a strategic target, that is, on markets which show significant perspectives for development, DIONIC has expanded in the fields of renewable energy sources and also of real estate properties development.


The uniqueness of its business operation, but also its flexible organization, allows DIONIC Group to:

 · maintain high growth rates, through diversified activities, independent of any market contingencies,
· have significant experience and essential specialization in the development, administration and utilization of   multiple     
  brands in different fields,
· ensure significant synergies on all levels,
· efficiently manage business risk and increase productivity, at the same time decreasing cost.