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DIONIC Group, combining its sensitivity with respect to issues of environmental protection with the opening of new business horizons, in the context of electricity production through renewable energy sources, like the wind and the sun, is entering this new market with the establishment of the affiliated DIONIC AEOLIAN S.A., which has activities in aeolian energy production, and the establishment of ENALEN S.A. company with the objective to exploite alternative energy sources.


Targeting a strong presence in the market of electrical energy production, it collaborates with the AEOLIAN DEVELOPMENT S.A. company, which specializes in renewable energy sources.


It is expected that, with the strategic decision for its entry in the market of alternative energy forms, DIONIC Group will expand significantly its activities to new products and services.


The company operates in the production of aeolian energy, having filed an application with the Regulatory Authority for Energy and to the Ministry of Development for the licensing of production and operation of an aeolian park
Dionic Energy is activated in the growth and exploitation of renewable sources of energy. Through the domestic and international collaborations it ensures products and services of high specifications for the planning, the study and the manufacture of systems of production of green energy.

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