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Universal S.p.A. consists of a group of companies which, for half a century, is the Leading Manufacturer on the market for school products and stationery, under various brand names, along with that of CARIOCA.

The name Universal is always in the foreground where a presentation of new innovative products is involved. Universal’s products are designed and manufactured aiming to accommodate the modern lifestyle and the continuously increasing needs of the modern consumer. Their innovative characteristics, functionality, quality as well as their easy use, in conjunction with a capable and efficient international network of factories and specialized representatives, are the features that render Universal S.p.A. an excellent manufacturer and supplier with continuous success for half a century.

The manufacturing unit of Universal S.p.A. is based in Settimo Torinese Italy, which since the 30s is internationally recognized as the capital of stationery. The factory extends over an area of 32,000 sq.m., of which 20,000 sq.m. consist of covered areas. The manufacturing capacity of Universal S.p.A. is impressive, thanks to its fully automated production system; approximately 20 million items can be manufactured in just one day.

Universal S.p.A. guarantees that all its products are manufactured so that they extend far beyond the rigid requirements in force today in all advanced countries throughout the world. 

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