Horizontal Structures

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Business Support Departments

Financial Department








Technical Support Department


Human Resources Department


Organization Objectives
·   Function of each BU as an independent unit Function of each BU Manager as General Director of a company,  
   having full responsibility for the financial results of the BU.
·   Concentration of the trading BUs to their Trading activity, using outsourced services, which today are mainly 
    provided by BU Support
·  For each non-critical service (like Financial) for which the BU Support does not provide a competitive ratio of
   quality – cost, the BUs are entitled to seek alternative solutions
·  Thus, the above ensure that pressure is maintained on Trading to not proceed to actions which will increase the
   cost of their support (since that shows in their results), but also pressure on BU Support itself to provide, 
   increasingly more, better and more cost-effective services.


Control of Implementation 
·  Each BU (including the Support) prepares analytical P&L
·  Each Business Line (trading unit inside the BU) is monitored through P&L
·  Implementation of Performance Management practices, with definition and monitoring of KPI on all levels
·  All of the above are based on a modern information system, which monitors almost on real time (where this has
   practical meaning) the total of the measurable figures, that is, first of the KPI and of course, of the financial.


 Tasks Monitoring
·   Analytical monitoring of cost per Business Unit & Company
·   Analytical P&L per Business Unit & Company
·   Cash flows per Business Unit & Company
·    Constant monitoring through scorecards of Key Performance Indicators