Group’s Management

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Board of Directors

6 Members
2 Executive Members
2 Non-executive Members
2 Independent Members
Executive Team

Managing Director
General Manager
Management Team Group Executive Team of the Group's Companies
Management Team DIONIC Executive Team DIONIC
Business Unit Managers
Support Business Unit Managers

Executive Team

• It constitutes the link between the BoD and the company
• It is consists of the Managing Director and the General Manager
• It recommends to the BoD the directions, the main objectives and the operational framework of the Group (Vision –
Corporate philosophy – Activity fields – Objectives of the results)
• It transmits the BoD decisions to the Management Team
• It evaluates the percentage of the objectives achievement and the performance of the Group’s managers

Management Team Group

• It constitutes the team of the top executives of the Group’s companies
• It is comprised by the executives who belong to the Executive Team of each company
• It exchanges opinions for new markets and investments
• It decides about the methods of synergies between the companies

Management Team DIONIC

• It constitutes the team of the top executives of DIONIC
• It is comprised by the members of the Executive Team of the Company, the Βusiness Unit Managers and the Support

Business Unit Managers

• It decides on wider objectives, the course and the business tactics and policy of the Group
• It decides on the Group’s organization on a higher level, aiming at the coordination of Departments and Business Units for the optimization of synergies
• It decides on the penetration of new markets, as well as the materialization of investments

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, which is formed by three to eleven (3-11) members and is elected by the General Meeting. The term of the BoD members is three (3) years and is extended until the Regular General Meeting of the year of their release.
The composition of the Board of Directors, which was constituted on 7/9/2006, is the following:

Thomas Roumpas, father's name John Chairman, executive member
Christos Bizoumis, father's name Mimis Vice-President, non executive member
Dimosthenis Vatikiotis, father's name Ioannis Managing Director, executive member
Konstantinos Theotokas, father's name Stefanos Non- executive member
Venetis Ioannis , father's name Zois Independent- non executive member
Pantelis Pastianidis, father's name George Independent- non executive member

  • THOMAS ROUMPAS – BOD MEMBER. He was born in 1963 in Corfu. He studied at the School of Law of the National University of Athens. He is active in the areas of Informatics and Home Entertainment since 1989. In the period 1992-1996 he maintained a personal business operating in the field of computers, peripherals and video games. He works for the company since 1996 and today he holds the position of President.
  • CHRISTOS BIZOUMIS – BOD MEMBER. He was born in 1963 in Athens. He studied mathematics at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. He works since 1983 in the field of Informatics and as of 1990 he specializes in multimedia applications development, as well as the Very Large Database Management Systems (VLDBMS). He works for the Company since 1996 and today he holds the position of General Director.
  • DIMOSTHENIS VATIKIOTIS- BOD MEMBER. He was born in Athens in 1962. He is Technician - Mechanical Engineer.He had worked in many Greek and Multinational Companies as IBM and Hewlett Packard. He works today as General Manager of Atcom and C.E.O of DIONIC S.A.
  • KONSTANTINOS THEOTOKAS – BOD MEMBER. He holds a degree in Informatics from a UK university, and a master’s degree titled MANAGEMENT INFORMATIONS SYSTEMS. He occupies until today the position of Managing Director at the subsidiary company ATCOM S.A.
  • VENETIS IOANNIS- BOD MEMBER. He was born in 1973 in Athens.Ηe has stydied Airplane Engineer. He is working as Investment Advisor.
  • PANTELIS PASTIANIDIS- BOD MEMBER. Was born in 1969 in Thessaloniki. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the State University of New York, F.I.T. as well as a Masters Degree in Marketing & Communications with New Technologies from Athens University of Economics. He worked in several companies in U.S.A and Greece, mostly as a Commercial Manager, for Mass Media Companies such as Smart TV, Money&Life, City2310, etc. He was also a Media Director in INKAM, a cross media sales house company and a General Manager in PAMAK, a consultancy company. Today, he is working as a business consultant.